Switching Companies

Switching companies is only available once you are apart of multiple companies.

Switching companies via the Web Application

Once logged into app.scan123.com > click on your company on the top right > this will show you your other companies you have access to. Clicking on the company will allow you to change the company you are under.


Switching companies via the Scanning Application (version 3.0 and up)

Once logged into the scanning application, click on the Switch Company button on the top right > select the company you want to switch to.


To verify which company you are under, you can check the title of Scan123.


If you do not see the company you were expecting under that list, that means you are not apart of that company yet. Please reach out to an Admin of that company to invite you in. Once you have accepted your invitation for the other company, please log out and back into Scan123.


If you are not on the newest client, please follow this guide HERE to assist with updating your Scan123 to the newest version.