Searching for Documents

Scan123 has multiple search options depending on what information you are looking for

Folder Search (Quick Search)

Folder search can be found when you are inside a cabinet on the top right. Using this option will only allow you to search for the Folder Names. Please read continue reading to learn how to search for Document Name, Keywords and Metadata.


Search Module 

In addition to Folder Name, using Global search will allow you to search for Document Name and Keywords. These options will appear when you select the Search on the left hand column.

Search (Global Search) will search for items within all your cabinets you have access to.

More Options (Advanced Search) allows the use of additional filters for your search. A cabinet selection is required when using the More option.


NOTE: You will not be able to move or delete files from this search option. These search options are meant to assist users in locating documents. Once your document is found, please go into the cabinet it is under and use the Folder Search to locate and move the folder/file.


Click HERE to learn how to search for customer data imported from your DMS (Metadata)