Search Metadata

Once you have successfully imported data from your DMS (Dealer Management Software) you will now have the option to search for additional customer information.

If we have not assisted you previously in configuring your DMS to import into Scan123, please reach out to our support to request assistance HERE.


To search for Customer Metadata, please go into the Cabinet first. Once inside a cabinet, you will see an Orange Search button (not the Folder Search on the top right).

Once you click on this, you will be given a list of fields that correlate with the columns of Metadata. Please type into the field you are searching for and hit search to find any matching results.

NOTE: You can use multiple fields to be more specific, and you can use partial keywords and any strings that match will appear in the results.


You can clear the results on the top right next to Folder Search or use the Orange Search function to search for Metadata once more.