Scan123 Basic Scanning

Our simple Scan123 user interface allows for easy scanning and uploading of documents into the Scan123 cloud.

NOTE: This guide is only for our Basic Scan123 Scanning application. If you are looking for a guide on how to scan using VelocityFIle, click HERE


Scanning and Uploading documents into Scan123

  1. Load documents
  2. Scan File to begin scanning process
  3. Verify documents are correct
  4. Press Send Files to choose file destination

  5. Select Cabinet (Required)
  6. Enter in Folder Name (Required)
  7. Document Name (Optional) – If left blank, will default to Folder Name
  8. Keywords (Optional) – Any additional information you want to add to document
  9. Press Send to upload file


Verifying Upload of Document

To check on upload status, select Upload Tab

NOTE: We recommend checking on your Upload Tab at the end of the day to verify no errors are occurring. You are not required to check after every Scan.