What is Browser Scan?

A brief overview of the benefits of the browser platform and converting to it

With our most recent release, the Scan123 platform you have come to depend on for document digitization and retrieval is now easier than ever to configure and use with our browser based scan portal.  This new upgraded system is available as a free upgrade to all customers, and the benefits are clear.  Companies are seeing dramatically shortened configuration times, increased document OCR and separation options, and significant reliability improvements.


The browser portal conversion process can be done in ten minutes for non VelocityFile companies and a half hour for VelocityFile companies and utilize your existing hardware, with the added benefit of centralized settings stored in site and instantly available to all PC’s in the building after a single configuration - no more one by one scan station configurations! 

No more jumping between one program for single scanning, another for batch scanning, and the website for retrieving records.  The same site used to pull records or manage users is now a one stop shop for all things Scan123, creating a more natural and streamlined experience for your administrators and users.

The new product learning curve is also almost negligible, any user who has worked with our desktop versions will be able to almost instantly pick up our browser portal, which was designed with an eye on ease of use and reliability.  Looping uploads and other program related upload issues are now a thing of the past, with the browser portal feeding records directly into cabinets we have cut out the middleman and made the process smoother than ever

Increased batching options for VelocityFile companies mean dramatically more documents are able to be scanned in batches, with upgraded OCR and increased document separation options we can make the process of digitizing your records speedier and more accurate than ever before.  The browser portal also opens the door to other scanner models being valid for VelocityFIle.  Where Fujitsu models have previously been required, you can now batch scan with many more models of scanner.  

So with the benefits many and the downsides slim to none, now is the time to convert your company to the new flagship in scanning and record retrieval.  Contact Scan123's Customer Success team to get browser scanning enabled for your company.

The newest version of the browser scanning installation file can be found here: https://app.scan123.com/assets/scanning-client/dynamsoft/Dynamic-Web-TWAIN-SDK-17.2.1/Resources/dist/DynamsoftServiceSetup.msi