Utilize Scan123 Reminders to follow up on tasks. Examples of why you would set a reminder include: vendor liability insurance certificate expirations, sales employee license renewals, repairs for your customer We Owe and Goodwill agreements.

Create Reminder for yourself

Go to Cabinet > Locate Folder > Click on Reminder Icon (Calendar)

You will be brought to the Reminder Form Page. Enter in your NOTES, Date & Time. 

Create an Reminder for others (ADMIN ONLY)

If you are an admin, you also have the ability to set a Reminder to another user other than yourself with the User to Remind Dropdown. This will create the reminder for that user instead.


Using Reminder

To access your list of Reminders > Select Reminders Tab on left hand side

Once a Reminder expires. You or that user will receive an Email and also get a notification next to their name in Scan123. Clicking that will bring them to the Expired Reminders Tab and show the reminder.


Edit/Delete Reminder

When looking at the list of your Reminders, you can always Edit and Delete using the two icons t the far right of that reminder.