Expanded Search Function

Please note that the new changes are only reflected in the Global Search tab, not within Cabinet Search.

Exciting new ways to search:

  • A single powerful search field: The “Advanced Search” button has been removed but its functionality has been folded into the main Search feature. Global search now targets all documents and cabinets which makes searching for documents easier than ever. 

  • More ways to search and filter: A “More” tab has been added to the right of the Search field which gives you the ability to tailor searches by cabinet. You can now search within a given folder, and filter by date and file type.

  • Metadata incorporated automatically: Global Search now automatically searches for metadata, which are the keywords unique to each file (think creation date, VIN, customer name etc.). If a cabinet has imports enabled, and has received a metadata DMS import, it will be included in the search results

  • Target specific folders: You can now filter your search within a specific target folder using the “Folder” field. This is particularly useful when searching within folders that contain a large number of scans. 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): OCR is now included in search meaning you can search for any words that appear within a document to retrieve results, in addition to its name or metadata. This is particularly useful when a document is not labeled correctly. For example, you could search for a customer's name to find a mislabeled RO or deal jacket.

Our goal is to make you a Scan123 Power User!

If you have any questions about how to use the new Search functionality, please submit a support ticket. Our team would be happy to walk you through the changes and share pro tips!


Happy Searching! 

The Scan123 Team