Enhanced DMS Integrations and Metadata

We at Scan123 are proud to announce that a new partnership with Dealertrack and CDK is in the works. As certified partners of these DMS's there will be new and improved integration capabilities within the Scan123 system. Not only will it be easier going forward to get metadata from your DMS but it will also be a more flexible system. Allowing your dealership to pick and choose what metadata to display after an import. With our new functionality your data will pull over daily with little to no work needed to make it happen on your end!

With that being said you will still need to make sure the folder name in Scan123 matches the name of whatever data you are trying to bring over from your DMS. For example if this integration is enabled for the RO’s in Scan123 you would want to make sure that the RO number matches what is in your DMS to have it pull up the proper metadata.

Once the metadata is synced, enjoy the greater flexibility in how that data is displayed by being able to choose the additional columns displayed in the cabinet such as:

  • Customer name
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle VIN
  • RO close date
  • And more! 
These additional settings will be available to the Admins of the companies. Be sure to look for more information to come out in regards to this in the future.