Completing Returned Forms

After forms have been returned, your team can view and verify they are acceptable, resending them if not

As the forms are submitted back to you, the person who sent them will receive an email notification as each form is returned. Inside of the persons folder, that form will move from INCOMPLETE to SUBMITTED or PENDING depending on the action needed next:

1. Submitted documents will require approval and a countersignature on your part

2. Pending documents simply require approval


Once received, you may open their returned document, review it and either accept it as complete by using the VERIFY AND FINALIZE icon, or if errors were made, REJECT AND RESEND.

2023-03-28 10_50_17-Window


Rejecting a form will remove any signatures and send the document back to the recipient in the same guest portal.  When rejecting a form, it is helpful to use the Custom Message field to convey the context of the needed corrections


Once a document is verified, it will drop into the VERIFIED group, and a green check will appear next to it. This document is in its finalized state at that time and no further changes can be made to ensure compliance with all record keeping requirements